Due to the fact that humans speak in various languages, dialects, and manner, researchers are trying to get AI to understand us through natural language processing, where we can talk “naturally” to AI which will then understand what we want. In fact to demonstrate their progress on the topic, Google has launched what they are calling “Semantic Experiences”.

The first is a website called “Talk to Books”. This is where users can search for inspirational quotes from books or even book recommendations based on what they are asking of it. Imagine it’s like going to a library and asking the librarian for book recommendations. Users can be as vague as possible and don’t even need to mention a particular topic or genre.

The best part is you can type like you would normally as opposed to regular Google Search where you might have to be a bit more picky and smart about your keywords. The other Semantic Experience that Google has launched is called “Semantris”. This is a word association game where users are prompted with words and they are supposed to type in things that they associate with words.

These are relatively simple in terms of application, but we suppose the genius is underneath where the model will be able to understand what users are saying to it. They’re also pretty fun and interesting and could be worth your time if you have a few minutes to spare.

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