For those who use Instagram a lot and are looking for ways to find/discover new content, that’s where the Explore tab comes in handy. The Explore tabs has undergone various changes and revisions over the years, but it seems that Instagram isn’t quite done making changes to it just yet.


According to a report from TechPP (via Android Police), Instagram is apparently testing out a new layout for the Explore tab. As you can see in the screenshot above, the image to the left is the old layout where it shows photos and videos in a grid, as well as various Instagram Stories at the top.

Now in the image towards the right of the screenshot is the new Explore tab layout that Instagram is testing. Straight away you can tell that Instagram is keeping things a bit more uniform in the grid where they will all be of the same size. There will also be various categories at the top in place of Stories where users can choose to browse from, along with the different hashtags that users can also click on to find more content.

It’s not a particularly drastic change but given that this seems to be a test, it means that it might not be visible to everyone, and more importantly it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that we will see these changes implemented.

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