One of the features of iOS 11 is the “Do not disturb while driving” function, where when the phone detects that you are in the car and driving, it will basically block notifications from messages and calls so as to reduce the amount of distractions. However the question is are users taking advantage of it?

According to a survey conducted by insurance company EverQuote (via BGR), it seems that the feature has resulted in a positive impact, albeit a small one. According to the survey, it found that 8% of those who had the feature enabled self-reported that they used their phones less while driving, or at least less so than before the feature was introduced.

The survey also found that 75% of those who participated claimed that the feature made them a safer driver. However 8% is a rather small figure that could also be based on other variables, but we suppose it’s up to the driver whether or not they want to take advantage of the feature or turn it off.

Apple has faced a lawsuit in the past in which they were accused of not doing enough to prevent features like FaceTime from being used while driving. The following year Apple launched the “Do not disturb while driving” feature, although like we said, if users insist on using their devices even under dangerous circumstances, there’s really not a lot Apple can do.

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