Netflix has already disrupted how people want content online significantly and a recent report suggested that the company was now planning to move into the news business. It was claimed that Netflix was developing a weekly news TV show which would compete with the likes of 60 Minutes on CBS and 20/20 on ABC. However, Netflix has now said that this isn’t the case and that no such weekly news show is being developed.

An unnamed TV executive who had worked with Netflix on a documentary series had made this claim that the service was developing its own weekly TV news show. Netflix declined to comment on the report at that time which gave users the impression that it had something to hide. Netflix refuted the report about a weekly TV news show in its latest earnings call.

It wouldn’t have been surprising if it did decide to go ahead with something like this as news isn’t something that subscribers turn to Netflix for. Moreover, its streaming rivals such as Hulu do allow subscribers to watch news shows from networks like NBC, ABC, and Fox.

Just because it doesn’t have plans for a weekly TV news show right now doesn’t mean that this is something that Netflix will never do. It’s not like the company has closed the door on this possibility for good so there may be hope yet for subscribers who want some news content on Netflix.

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