Netflix has long offered content previews on the web and through its TV app so it’s about time that this functionality was expanded to the mobile app as well. The company today announced that it has rolled out 30 second preview videos for mobile viewers. This is a new video browsing experience that Netflix has added that’s optimized for mobile devices.

“Years of testing has made it clear that video previews help our members browse less and discover new content more quickly,” Netflix says in the official blog post announcing the launch of this feature.

The previews are presented in a vertical format so there’s no need for users to switch back and forth for the correct video viewing experience. They’re going to be shown as a slideshow so if users come across something they like, they can tap on play to start watching straight away to add it to their list. They can swipe or tap on the screen to move on to the next preview.

Netflix has developed mobile previews to load very quickly and they will be personalized to suit users’ tastes. The new feature has been rolled out to iOS users and Netflix says that it’s going to release an update for its Android app as well in the near future which will bring mobile previews as well.

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