The Nintendo Labo kits were announced earlier this year where they provided Switch gamers with a new and physical way of enjoying their console. However if there was a questionable aspect of the Labo, it had to do with the fact that it is made mostly out of cardboard which sounds fragile.

However the good news is that should you ever damage part of your Labo and need a replacement, you’ll be pleased to learn that the replacement parts will not break the bank. According the price list of the replacement parts, this will range from as little as $2.99 and go up to $13.99 depending on what you need.

Like we said at those prices it won’t be breaking the bank and you can rest assured that should you or your kid break the Labo, replacing the parts won’t be quite as heart wrenching as you might have feared. In fact if you were to replace all of the parts in the Robot Kit, it would only set you back around $62.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you should get rough with the Labo kits, after all they are still made of cardboard, but these replacement parts pricing could be worth keeping in mind. That being said if you are in need of replacement parts already, you can head on over to Nintendo’s website for the details.

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