The upside to the Nintendo Switch is that Nintendo isn’t using some proprietary charging system that only they sell. Instead the company has opted for the use of USB-C, which many have commended them for for their forward thinking. However the company has recently issued a warning against substandard USB-C cables.


This is according to a new Japanese FAQ page in which they advise users to use a USB-C charging cable with a 56kΩ resistor for the Switch. To that end they are also recommending that users use the charging cable HAC-010 that comes with the Switch Pro Controller or the Joy-Con Charging Grip.

This is actually not the first time we’ve heard about this issue. When USB-C was first released, unsurprisingly many companies rushed to create USB-C cables and accessories. However Googler Benson Leung took it upon himself to test all the various USB-C cables out there and discovered that not all USB-C cables were created equal.

It is understandable that users are seeking out USB-C cables for the Switch. This is because of the Switch’s portability that lets it be played on the go, and users have been experimenting with various power banks and chargers to help keep the console juiced. That being said, this is also not the first time Nintendo has warned against third-party Switch accessories. Previously it was discovered that some third-party Switch docks ended up bricking consoles.

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