Even though the Pixelbook is a pretty good laptop for the money, you won’t really consider it if you’re not ready to shift to Chrome OS entirely. However, it appears that Google wants to tap into those customers as well and is developing an “AltOS” mode which will enable Pixelbook owners to run Windows on their laptops as well.


The Pixelbook costs $999 and for that amount of money one can get a pretty decent Windows laptop and that’s why the Pixelbook is not an option for those who want to use desktop apps on a daily basis.

The device would have ideally offered customers the option to have Windows installed on the Pixelbook alongside Google’s web-based Chrome OS which is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space on the device.

Some references to an AltOS mode have been discovered in the latest Chrome OS build which suggest that the mode will enable the device to run operating systems other than Chrome OS. A direct reference to Windows is being taken as a big hint that Windows is going to be one of the platforms supported by the AltOS mode.

The AltOS mode does appear to be in early stages of development so it might take a while before Google brings this functionality to the Pixelbook. The company is yet to confirm, though, if it has any plans of doing this.

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