When you think mobile payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and so on, you might associate them with physical payments made in stores. However they can be used for online purchases as well, which is what Samsung Pay can now do as it has recently rolled out support for PayPal.

For those who are wondering why this might sound familiar, it is because last year, nearly a year ago, Samsung announced that Samsung Pay would eventually gain support for PayPal. We’re not sure why support took so long to arrive, but the good news is that according to reports, there are a number of users who are claiming to see PayPal as an option for a form of payment in Samsung Pay.

What does this mean? Basically if you’d rather use your PayPal account to pay, especially if you have a lot of balance left in there, you will be able to use it instead of a credit card. It seems pretty straightforward as all users have to do is link their PayPal account and they’ll be good to go.

It also seems that using PayPal will let users earn Samsung Reward points with their purchases, so if you’re someone who collects points and are worried that using PayPal won’t earn you those points, you can rest assured that it will. No word on how long it will take before the option is made available to all, but presumably with some users already seeing it, it probably won’t take too long.

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