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It Looks Like Samsung Now Has Their Own Credit Card
Back in 2019, Apple launched the Apple Card which is a credit card. Now it looks like Samsung wants in on the action too because over in South Korea, Samsung has officially launched the Samsung Pay Card in partnership with Mastercard. This is aimed at helping Samsung Pay users make payment in a more traditional form at places that might not otherwise accept mobile payments.

Chase Pay Accounts Can Now Be Linked To Samsung Pay
One major advantage that Samsung Pay has over other mobile payments services is that it doesn’t just rely on NFC. It supports MST or Magnetic Secure Transmission technology as well which enables the service to work with any conventional card reader. Vendors don’t require special terminals to accept Samsung Pay. The service can now be linked to Chase Pay so that users can rely on the MST technology to make […]

Samsung Pay Now Lets Users Pay With PayPal
If you’ve managed to accumulate a lot of credit on PayPal, or if PayPal is your preferred choice of payment platform, you might be interested to learn that PayPal will now be supported by at least one more company in the form of Samsung. What this means is that those who use Samsung Pay will now be able to choose PayPal as their method of payment.

Samsung Pay Will Now Support PayPal Payments
When you think mobile payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and so on, you might associate them with physical payments made in stores. However they can be used for online purchases as well, which is what Samsung Pay can now do as it has recently rolled out support for PayPal.


Galaxy S9 Samsung Pay Issues To Be Fixed Soon Via Update
It’s not uncommon for minor issues to surface when a new flagship smartphone is released and that appears to be the case with the Galaxy S9 as well. Several reports have surfaced online related to Galaxy S9 Samsung Pay issues. Those who have received their units early complain that Samsung’s mobile payments service isn’t working on the new handset. The company hasn’t really said anything about what might be causing […]

Samsung Pay Rewards Points Cut In Half
Samsung wanted people who tried out its mobile payments service to continue using Samsung Pay which is why the company launched a rewards program in 2016. It has since expanded the rewards program and a change that the company has made recently is going to irk those who seriously use it to rack up points. The company has cut Samsung Pay rewards points in half, meaning that users now earn […]

Samsung Pay Lands In Mexico
Samsung has slowly been expanding its mobile payments service Samsung Pay to more markets across the globe. As the service goes live in another market today, the company says that Samsung Pay is now the “world’s most widely accepted mobile payment service.” Samsung Pay has gone live in Mexico today, it’s the second Latin American country to receive the service and the 20th Samsung Pay market globally.

Samsung Apparently Adding A Social Element To Samsung Pay
Would you like your friends and followers on social media to find out what you purchased today using Samsung Pay? If you’ve ever wished for this ability, it appears that Samsung might allow you to do that soon. A new patent listing reveals that the company is building a social element for Samsung Pay. It will enable users to share their Samsung Pay transactions online.

Samsung Pay Launched In Mexico
Samsung continues to expand its mobile payments service to more markets across the globe. The company has confirmed today that Samsung Pay has now been launched in Mexico. Samsung Pay has been rolled out in quite a few markets over the past year so the company is following through on its promise to aggressively expand its mobile payments service in 2017 across different regions.

New York City Will Replace MetroCard With Contactless Payments
It is no secret that contactless payments are starting to become a more popular option compared to using cash or other older methods of payments, such as swiping cards. In fact in several parts of the world, contactless payments have become more or less standard and ubiquitous.

Wells Fargo ATMs Get Support For Apple Pay, Android Pay, And Samsung Pay
Wells Fargo today announced that its debit card customers can now use its more than 5,000 ATMs across the country without actually having their card on them. That’s because the company’s ATMs now have support for leading tap and pay mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. This NFC functionality will be offered on over 5,000 ATMs in the United States.

Samsung Pay App Gets Android 8.0 Oreo Support
It was reported recently that Samsung might be preparing a beta program for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ which will enable select users to try out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for these flagship smartphones. It appears that the beta firmware for these devices will come with support for Samsung Pay from day one as the Samsung Pay app has now been updated with support for Android 8.0 Oreo.

Samsung Pay On Non-Samsung Phones Remains A Possibility
Digital payments services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay restrict the functionality to their native devices. It’s one of the many ways that companies like Apple and Samsung can increase customer retention in a fast-changing mobile landscape. To that end, it appears that Samsung has a grander vision for Samsung Pay, one which involves bringing the payment service to non-Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Pay Receives Support For PayPal
Samsung’s mobile payments service was launched nearly two years ago. The service initially supported a handful of credit and debit cards. Samsung has gradually expanded support for more banks and financial institutions. Today, it has announced that yet another payment method can be added to Samsung Pay, but it’s not a credit or debit card. It’s PayPal.

Samsung Launches Galaxy J7 Pro And J7 Max
Samsung today announced the launch of two mid-range smartphones that are geared towards the selfie and the social media generation. The handsets will be targeted to customers who consider social media to be a big part of their lives and want a device that aids them in accessing and sharing content to those networks easily without breaking the bank. That’s where the new Galaxy J7 Pro and Galaxy J7 Max […]

Samsung Pay UK Launch Finally Takes Place
It has been a couple of years since Samsung launched its mobile payment service called Samsung Pay. It was initially made available to users in the United States and South Korea. Samsung has since expanded it gradually to more markets across the globe. Users in the United Kingdom have been anxiously waiting for Samsung Pay to go live in their country. They will be happy to find out now that […]

Samsung Pay Expands To Four More Countries
Samsung isn’t wasting any time in getting its mobile payments service to more markets across the globe. It already covers key markets in North America and Europe. We’ve been seeing it focus on Asia and the Middle East as well. Samsung today announced that it’s continuing with the global expansion of Samsung Pay by rolling it out in four more countries.

Samsung May Bring Fingerprint Sensors To Entry-Level Galaxy J Series
It has only been a few years since fingerprint sensors became a staple on mid-range smartphones. When this technology first made its way to handheld devices it was only found on the high-end models which were expensive and out of the reach of many customers. The technology has improved and become cheaper since then which is why almost all mid-range handsets have fingerprint sensors now. Samsung appears to be willing […]

Samsung Pay Expected To Arrive On All Of The Company’s Phones
Samsung Pay is Samsung’s mobile payment service that has been designed to compete against the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay, just to name a few. However if there is one limitation it is that it is only limited to Samsung’s higher-end flagship handsets, meaning that if you don’t own a high-end Samsung handset, chances are you’re missing out on the feature.

Samsung Pay Mini Confirmed By Samsung Korea
For the longest time ever we have been hearing rumors that Samsung could have a new Samsung Pay variant in the works called Samsung Pay Mini. In fact earlier this year references made to Samsung Pay Mini was discovered on Samsung’s very own website. The good news is that the wait is over as Samsung has officially announced it.