When the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were launched, there was some fuss regarding its display where there were more than a few users who were complaining about how the display looked dull. Google attempted to address this by giving users more options to adjust the display of their phones, but it seems that they aren’t quite done yet.

In a report from XDA, it seems that Google could be looking to introduce more color adjustments to the Pixel 2. This comes in the form of an automatic color adjustment that switches between vivid and accurate colors. We’re not sure how it works yet, but presumably it will change depending on what you’re looking at.

For example videos and games might utilize the vivid colors, while editing photos might use a more accurate color mode. Unfortunately this feature might not be released anytime soon because it was discovered within Android P. This means that Pixel 2 owners might only be able to access said feature when Android P is released which should be much later in the year.

The availability in Android P also seems to suggest that this could be a feature that we might be able to see in future Android devices, or at least Google’s Pixel handsets.

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