From time to time due to whatever reason, apps can sometimes hang and become non-responsive. In the case of Android apps, what users can do right now is tap the “wait” button that pops up, but sometimes that doesn’t really do anything, which means that users will have to force close the app themselves.

Not a particularly big deal, but for those who aren’t too familiar with Android might not know this. However this will change with Android P, according to the folks at XDA who discovered that in the next major update to the Android operating system, Android P will instead force apps to crash when they become non-responsive.

Is this a good thing? As XDA points out, this might seem like a rather extreme approach but it could give off the illusion that Android apps are crashing less often since users won’t see these notifications. However it could encourage developers to check their crash monitoring tools and try to fix them.

The good news is that this seems to be an optional feature as in the Developer Options page, there is the option for developers to turn on the crash dialog if they want, but what do you guys think? Would you prefer if non-responsive apps were to close themselves rather than you force close them yourself?

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