If you’re the type that has a lot of events scheduled, unlocking your phone and having to check the calendar constantly can be rather annoying, especially since those seconds add up over the course of the day. However with Android P, it seems that Google is changing that by displaying events on your lock screen.

This is according to the folks at Android Police who took a look at the second developer preview of Android P that was released recently. For those wondering why this looks a bit familiar, it is because it is similar in concept to the upcoming events feature found on the Google Pixel 2, but in terms of how the information is displayed, that’s where it differs.

In the case of the Pixel 2, the launcher will show upcoming events that will take place in the next XX minutes, whereas in this case, Android P will show the start time and the end time of the event where possible. This might be a convenient feature for some users to have, although at the same time we can imagine that there might be some users who’d rather not have their information plastered on the lock screen where anyone can access it.

It is unclear whether or not this feature will be making the final cut of Android P, but it does seem useful and convenient.

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