We’ve known for a while that robots would eventually replace the jobs that we do, or at least some of it. Over in Boston, there’s a restaurant called Spyce that seems to be well on its way of proving just that as the restaurant’s food is completely cooked by robots. All customers have to do is go to the order screen, place their orders, and their food will be made by the robots.

Spyce was conceived by four MIT students who worked with a Michelin-starred chef where their idea is that if they could eliminate the need for line cooks, it could reduce the costs involved in running a restaurant, which in turn will make food more affordable. This was a problem that they used to face as students, where it was hard to find something that was good, healthy, and affordable.

So how do these robots work? They are powered using magnetic induction to help cook the food where the ingredients are essentially being tossed around in a metal drum/wok until it’s ready to be served. The best part is that the robots are self-cleaning too which is done after every meal it cooks.

However it isn’t fully-run by robots just yet because while robots can cook, the prep work and plating will still need to be done by humans. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard how robots are finding their way into the F&B industry. Last year a cafe in Melbourne, Australia had a robot barista making coffee.

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