iOS users are probably very familiar with the Carrot app. For those who aren’t, Carrot is an app (or a series of apps under the same banner) that features a very snarky AI assistant that will talk back to you. The developer has created multiple versions of the app for various purposes, such as one to motivate you to exercise, and one that tells you the weather, just to name a few.


The good news for Android users is that it looks like Carrot Weather is finally available on Android. The app is currently in beta but users can check it out on Google Play if they’re interested and don’t mind the fact that not all the kinks might have been ironed out yet. In terms of features, it’s more or less the same as the iOS version.

So what makes Carrot Weather different from all the other weather apps available? Like we said, one of its selling points is its snarky AI. Users will be able to choose from four different personalities in which it will then be able to read the weather forecasts to you. The app itself is free, but if you don’t want to deal with ads, then you can join Carrot’s Premium Club which will cost $0.99 a month, or an entire year for $3.99.

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