Google’s Pixelbook is a high-end Chromebook and it doesn’t really have a rival as most manufacturers tend to make affordable laptops powered by Google’s cloud-based operating system. However, if a new report is to be believed, there are at least five high-end Chromebooks in the pipeline with at least two of them being developed by Dell and HP.

The report claims that these five high-end Chromebooks feature Kaby Lake processors, 16GB of RAM, backlit keyboards, and high-resolution displays. These aren’t the sort of specs you would expect from an average Chromebook.

Some hints have been discovered which suggest that Dell and HP are building at least one premium Chromebook each but it’s unclear which companies are manufacturing the remaining three. It’s also possible that all of them may be in the 360° convertible form factor.

The new Chromebooks may not have stylus support out of the box but the same could be added later. One can expect that Google Assistant will be onboard and it’s possible that it may support Wake on Voice.

The report does caution that these devices are in the early stages of development so a lot could change before they’re made official. It’s likely that we may not see these Chromebooks until the second half of this year but at least fans of these products will be happy to know that there will likely be a lot more choice in the high-end Chromebook segment later this year.

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