Sea of Thieves players will be delighted to know that the first major DLC for the title is going to be released later this month. The pirate MMO has been quite popular ever since it was released and is due to receive the first of six expected DLC packs later this month. The Xbox team over at Microsoft has confirmed that the first major DLC for Sea of Thieves is going to be released on May 29th and that it’s going to be called The Hungering Deep.


Some players have expressed reservations about the lack of content in the game and that’s something that developer Rare has promised to fix in the coming updates. The first major DLC for Sea of Thieves is certainly going to move things along in that direction.

The first DLC will add new gameplay mechanics, a special event as well as a new AI threat. Not a lot of details have been revealed about this DLC at this point in time. The team did release a CGI trailer for the first DLC which suggests that ancient mythology and other fearful sea creatures might be added to the game as well.

The first major Sea of Thieves DLC title The Hungering Deep is going to be released for this title, which is exclusive to Xbox one and Windows 10 PC, on May 20th. Much like the other DLC packs, The Hungering Deep will be available to all players for free.

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