Games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have really increased the popularity of battle royale modes which is why it’s no longer surprising to see more titles jump on the bandwagon as well. The latest may be Sea of Thieves as there’s a possibility that this game may receive battle royale content as well in the future.


The first major post-launch content update for Sea of Thieves titled The Hungering Deep was released recently and the developer has also started its biweekly Bilge Rat Adventures. It’s due to release five additional content updates this year and beyond.

Rare design director Mike Chapman was asked in a recent interview whether the game could get a battle royale mode as well. The idea makes sense because the game itself offers a mix of land and sea looting coupled with PvP.

Chapman didn’t confirm or deny if that would happen but did point out that there’s no room for divergence in the content update roadmap that’s planned for 2018. Perhaps the developer may do something regarding battle royale next year.

“We see the battle royale thing, but I think there will be opportunities to do that kind of thing differently. It’s interesting where you can take PvP in the game, but we’d want to put a unique Sea of Thieves spin on it and do something completely surprising,” he added.

Chapman’s comments suggest that Rare isn’t down for simply recreating a battle royale mode for Sea of Thieves. If they decided to do something along these lines, it will have a unique spin to it. What his comments also suggest is that none of that is going to happen this year at the very least.

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