Epic Games has brought a lot of interesting content to Fortnite through the game’s weekly updates but vehicles have not been one of them. Competing titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have long enabled players to travel throughout the map with vehicles like trucks, cars, and motorcycles but that has not been the case with Fortnite which only recently added jetpacks for a limited time. The latest update does bring a vehicle (of sorts) in the form of shopping carts.

It makes sense why shopping carts would be added as the first vehicle in Fortnite given that the game’s theme is far removed from reality and based in a cartoon-ish world with gameplay to match.

Epic Games has said that shopping carts will be scattered across the world in different locations so players will be able to push one around on their own or ride shotgun in one while their teammate pushes them.

That’s not all, the latest update also adds a new restorative item in the form of mushrooms. Players who find them in the shady wooded or swampy areas will be able to replenish shields by 5 units. Blitx v2 and Teams of 20 v2 modes are also available for a limited time as part of this update. More details about what’s included in the weekly Fortnite update are available on Epic Games’ website.

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