At its I/O 2018 developers’ conference today, Google announced that it’s revamping Google News with a new interface and additional artificial intelligence-powered features. It says that the new Google News uses “the best of artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence.”

It’s not an easy task sorting through the deluge of information that’s posted online every second and presenting accurate information to users. The new Google News utilizes an improved set of AI techniques to sort through all of that information in real time and organize it into storylines.

The “For You” section in the new app will surface stories from reputable sources on topics that the user cares about. It displays a briefing of five stores that Google News organizes for the user which includes the crucial headlines, local news, and more. Since it uses machine learning, the app you use the app the better it gets.

Google News builds storylines and pulls images and videos from sources like YouTube and across the web to quickly get the user up to speed. This is part of a new visual format called newscasts which bundles together articles, videos, quotes, tweets, and more on a single topic.

Those who want to dive deeper into the story can use the “Full Coverage” feature to see how the story was reported by a variety of different sources. They will then see top headlines from different sources, videos, FAQs, social commentary, and even a timeline of how the story developed over time.

The company also wants to make it easier for users to support the sources that they love. It has made it easier to subscribe to news outlets such as The Washington Post and many more very easy through the Subscribe with Google feature. Users don’t need to have separate accounts for every publisher, they can handle sign-in and even payment with their Google account. Once they’re subscribed, the paid content is then available to them on all platforms and devices.

The new Google News experience is rolling out today on Android and will be available to iOS users next week.

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