Google Maps is probably known by many as a navigational app where users can use it when driving to find their way to their destination. It can also be used when walking about, and in some countries Google Maps can also be used to help find train/bus departure times, where it leaves from, and so on.

However Google wants to go beyond just directions and at Google I/O 2018, they have announced some changes that will be coming to the app. One of those changes is to the Explore tab which has been redesigned to make it easier for users to find recommendations, such as restaurants, cafes, or events that are around them.

There will also be trending lists so that users can see which are the popular places to eat at the moment. These trending lists are based on Google’s own algorithms, local experts, and also from various trusted publishers. Google will also help users keep track of their progress so that users can cross off locations on their lists if they’re looking to completely explore an area.

Google will also display “matches”, which is a score based on how well Google thinks it will resonate with you. This is based on machine learning plus your past experiences, so for example if you favor a particular kind of establishment or cuisine, then your “match” score will be higher. These are just some of the changes that Google will be making to its app which are expected to be applied to both iOS and Android in the coming months.

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