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Google Pay Will Soon Get Boarding Passes And Tickets
There were indications recently that airline and event tickets will soon be available in Google Pay and the company officially confirmed during its Google Pay session at the I/O 2018 developers conference that users will soon be able to access boarding passes and event tickets inside the app. Google announced this feature in partnership with Urban Airship, the partnership will enable Google Pay users to easily access tickets for flights […]

Google Maps Wants To Offer More Than Just Directions
Google Maps is probably known by many as a navigational app where users can use it when driving to find their way to their destination. It can also be used when walking about, and in some countries Google Maps can also be used to help find train/bus departure times, where it leaves from, and so on.

Google’s Gboard Will Soon Support Morse Code
There are many forms of communication, some of which we take for granted sometimes, such as talking, writing with our hands, and typing with our fingers. However like we said sometimes we take such methods of communication for granted as there are others out there who unfortunately do not possess the means to communicate as such.

Google News Revamped, Gets New Interface And Features
At its I/O 2018 developers’ conference today, Google announced that it’s revamping Google News with a new interface and additional artificial intelligence-powered features. It says that the new Google News uses “the best of artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence.”


New Android P Features And Design Improvements Revealed At I/O 2018
We knew that Google was going to reveal more information about Android P at its I/O 2018 developers’ conference today and the company did not disappoint. It talked about some new Android P features as well as the design improvements that it has made at the event. Google has developed Android P around three central concepts: Intelligence, Simplicity, and Digital Wellbeing.

Google Launches Public Android P Beta Program
Google had previously released a developer preview of Android P, the next major update for its mobile operating system, and the company announced today during its I/O 2018 developers conference that the public Android P beta program is live starting today. This means that the average user can now get their hands on the beta version of Android P and take it for a spin well before its final release […]

Google Assistant Becomes Naturally Conversational, Gets Six New Voices
Google Assistant has come a long way since it was announced just two years ago at I/O 2018. The company has made considerable progress in improving its features and capabilities since then. At I/O 2018 today, Google announced that Assistant will be available in more than 30 languages and 80 countries by the end of this year. It also revealed some of the improvements that it has made to Assistant.

Google Photos Uses AI To Bring One-Tap Actions
Google has renewed its commitment to artificial intelligence at its I/O 2018 developers’ conference today as the company revealed new AI-powered features for many of its apps. Google Photos is one such app that has now received several new AI-powered features and one-tap actions happens to be one of those features.

Smart Compose In Gmail Enables Predictive Email Drafting
Google has been talking up its focus on artificial intelligence at its I/O 2018 keynote today and one of the first new features that it announced was Smart Compose in Gmail. The feature follows up on Smart Reply in Gmail that was introduced last year. That feature surfaced appropriate responses to emails that users could shoot off with just one tap. Smart Compose takes it one step further by actually […]

Google News Could See A Major Revamp At I/O 2018
According to recent rumors, Apple is looking to revamp its news service but it seems that they might not be alone in doing this. A report from AdAge (via 9to5Google) has revealed that Google has similar plans as well and that their news revamp could be taking place very soon at I/O 2018.

Google Has Already Begun Teasing For I/O 2018
As expected Google will be hosting its I/O event again this year, as they have for the past several years, and typically it is held close to the middle of the year. However it looks like Google has decided to start the teasing leading up to the event, thanks to a report from 9to5Google who spotted the tweet.