When it comes to cloud storage services, Google Drive probably comes to mind. It is a free storage service which comes with a set amount of storage for users, but there are options for users to upgrade their storage if they need that extra space. However to differentiate the paid storage and free storage, Google has since announced what they are calling Google One.

At its core, Google One is essentially the same as the paid version of Google Drive, except that there will be more options for users to choose from. Right now Google Drive starts at 100GB for the basic option at $1.99 before jumping to 1TB at $9.99 a month, which means that there isn’t an in between option for those who might need more than 100GB but less than 1TB, which is where Google One comes in as they will be adding the option of 200GB at $2.99 a month.

They will also be upgrading the 1TB plan by doubling it to 2TB, which means that you get more for the same price, but other than that the pricing and storage sizes on the other plans beyond 2TB will remain the same. Google One will also introduce family sharing which means that you can purchase one massive plan and share the storage with your family members which makes it potentially cheaper than everyone purchasing their own plans.

These changes won’t be happening immediately as Google states that users will be upgraded to Google One accounts over the coming months in the US, and will eventually expand to international markets.

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