Instagram introduced its comment filter last year to enable users to automatically prevent toxic comments from being posted on their photos. The company today announced that it’s expanding the scope of this filter to clamp down on bullying comments. This move will certainly be much appreciated by many as online bullying still persists and doesn’t show any signs of going away anytime soon.

Instagram says that starting today, it’s going to filter bullying comments “intended to harass or upset people” in its community. It has reiterated that bullying will not be tolerated on Instagram.

The new filter is going to automatically hide comments that contain attacks on a person’s appearance or character. Comments that include threats to their well-being or health will be hidden as well.

Instagram says that the bullying filter will be on for all users across the globe and those who want to disable it can do so in the Comments Controls center in the app. Users should keep in mind, though, that the filter is only going to be available for comments in the English language for now. Instagram will eventually upgrade it to support other languages as well but for now, any and all bullying comments made in English will automatically be hidden.

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