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When Apple announced that they would be holding a $29 battery replacement program for its iPhones, it wasn’t surprising to see Apple Stores swamped with customers who were trying to get in on the offer. So much so that Apple had announced that batteries for some iPhone models, namely the iPhone 6 Plus, were out of stock and had to be delayed.


The good news is that if you have been waiting to get your iPhone’s battery fixed/replaced, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has since announced that battery replacements for all iPhone models are available without delay. This is based on an internal memo distributed to Apple Stores and various authorized service providers.

What does this mean? This means that if you were to walk into an Apple Store or an Authorized Service Provider to get your iPhone battery replaced, you won’t be subject to any delays as far as inventory is concerned. There might be some waiting involved when it comes to the actual replacement progress, but your mileage may vary depending on the store and how busy they are.

According to MacRumors, they have heard from their sources that Apple has actually hired third-party contractors and reassigned existing AppleCare employees to help clear the backlog of iPhone battery replacements at some of their stores.

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