Kaspersky Lab, a company based in Moscow, is best known for its antivirus products. In recent years it has been having to fight assertions that the company has links to Russian intelligence agencies. Kaspersky has denied the claims many times but the U.S. government maintains that its software might actually help the Russian’s spying operations. In a bid to earn trust amid all this, Kaspersky has announced that it’s moving some of its core infrastructure out of Russia.

Despite its repeated assurances that it doesn’t have links to Russia’s intelligence agencies, the U.S. government has already banned the company’s products from being used on its networks. Kaspersky has even offered to show its code to independent experts to dispel the notion that it aids Russian spying but to no avail.

Kaspersky has now announced that it’s moving some of its core infrastructure processes to Zurich, Switzerland. The company adds that it will have a Switzerland-based third party that’s capable of conducting technical software reviews independently supervise the entire move.

Kaspersky will also be relocating its software build conveyer to Zurich which is the set of programming tools it uses to assemble ready to use software out of source code. Its products and antivirus databases will start to be assembled and signed with a digital signature in Switzerland before the end of this year.

The company will have an established data center in Zurich by the end of next year and this facility will then be used to store and process all information for users in North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. More countries will follow later.

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