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This Ring Creates A Fake Fingerprint To Help You Maintain Your Privacy
A lot of smartphones these days rely on biometric security such as fingerprints. While this might be a more secure way of logging into our devices, there is the issue of what happens if our fingerprints have been stolen? Since we can’t change fingerprints like we do passwords, this creates a problem.

Kaspersky Moving Some Infrastructure Out Of Russia To Earn Trust
Kaspersky Lab, a company based in Moscow, is best known for its antivirus products. In recent years it has been having to fight assertions that the company has links to Russian intelligence agencies. Kaspersky has denied the claims many times but the U.S. government maintains that its software might actually help the Russian’s spying operations. In a bid to earn trust amid all this, Kaspersky has announced that it’s moving […]

Twitter Will No Longer Accept Ads From Russia's Kaspersky Lab
Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, best known for its antivirus products, will no longer be able to run ads on Twitter, the micro-blogging network has confirmed. Twitter has decided to ban ads from Kaspersky Lab as the latter’s business model conflicts with advertising rules, according to Twitter, and also cites claims of the U.S. government that Kaspersky has links to Russian intelligence agencies, a charge that Kaspersky has denied vehemently many times […]

Kaspersky Sues U.S. Government Over Federal Ban
President Trump recently signed a defense policy spending bill which included a formal ban on Kaspersky’s anti-virus software. The complete federal ban followed a warning to U.S. federal agencies earlier this year to not use Kaspersky software on their computers. Kaspersky did say that it was considering all options to fight the ban and the company has now sued the U.S. government over the federal ban imposed on its software.


Kaspersky Software Hit With Federal Ban
Much has been said and written about Kaspersky’s links to the Russian government. US agencies have investigated the allegations multiple times and it appears that they’re convinced that the Moscow-based company might have links with the country’s administration. US federal agencies were prohibited from using Kaspersky anti-virus software on their computers back in September and now President Trump has signed a defense policy spending bill which includes a formal ban […]

Patent Troll Ends Up Paying Kaspersky To Settle Lawsuit
How patent trolls work is that they take a patent they own, which can sometimes be rather vague, and sue a company (or multiple companies) over it. The reason they do it is because most of the time companies would much prefer to settle it rather than drag it out in a long-drawn legal battle.

FBI Reportedly Advising Companies To Ditch Kaspersky Apps
When it comes to security apps for the computer, there are various software suites out there that you can use, and Kaspersky is one of them. However in a report from CyberScoop, it seems that the FBI is advising companies in the private sector to ditch Kaspersky’s apps, claiming that the company’s apps is an “unacceptable threat to national security”.

Kaspersky Removed From U.S. Government's Approved Vendors List
Software firm Kaspersky Lab has been under scrutiny in the United States for its alleged links with the Russian administration. The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky recently so far as to offer the software’s source code to the government in order to dispel concerns that its products are used as backdoors by Russian intelligence. That doesn’t seem to have helped, though, as the U.S. government has removed the first from two […]

Kaspersky Offers Source Code To U.S. Government
Moscow-based computer security company Kaspersky Lab has been in the sights of lawmakers in the United States recently as it’s suspected of having a relationship with the Russian government. As you’re probably aware, Russia is a very touchy topic in the U.S. right now, as the country is still waiting to hear the end of the ongoing investigation. The founder of this company, Eugene Kaspersky, has said that he’s open […]

Kaspersky Launches Free Anti-Ransomware Tool For Windows
When it comes to malware on your computer, ransomware is probably one of the meanest around. For those unfamiliar with it, basically ransomware locks your hard drive or your entire computer up. It is encrypted with a key that only the hacker knows, and to get your stuff back, you’ll have to pay a ransom.

Kaspersky Allegedly Produces Malware To Trick Competition (Report)
The folks over at Reuters have reported that two former employees of Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs have accused their previous employer of coming up with malware in order to trick its rivals into flagging and quarantining important, non-viral, files on the computers of their customers. It does sound rather cheeky of Kaspersky to do so at face value, but on the other hand, there is a serious breach of trust here […]

Kaspersky’s New Tool Lets Victims Unlock Ransomware
For those who are unfamiliar with ransomware, basically it is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing certain files or features on your computer unless you were to pay the hacker money to unlock it. We suppose you could think of it as kidnapping of your digital files. Now if you were to encounter ransomware in the future, you’re in luck as Kaspersky Labs and the Dutch police […]

Kaspersky Internet Security To Arrive On Windows Phone Soon
As long as a device is connected to the internet, there’s always the off-chance that it might be infected by malware. In the past we have heard of how various malwares have targeted Android devices (those reports are starting to become less frequent these days), and to a certain extent iOS and WIndows Phone handsets as well. That being said having an added layer of protection apart from the default […]