A lot of smartphones these days rely on biometric security such as fingerprints. While this might be a more secure way of logging into our devices, there is the issue of what happens if our fingerprints have been stolen? Since we can’t change fingerprints like we do passwords, this creates a problem.

However, the folks at Kaspersky Labs have come up with a potential solution to that problem in the form of a ring that creates a fake fingerprint for you to use. Basically, this ring features a generated fingerprint that would presumably be unique to you. The idea is that you can use it for biometric security purposes, so that in the event that the fingerprint has been stolen, you can just buy a new ring with a new fingerprint to replace the old one.

According to the company, “That ring can be used to authenticate the user with biometric systems, such as a phone or a smart home door lock. And if the data of the ring fingerprint leaks, the user can block this particular ring and replace it with a new one—and their own unique biometric data won’t be compromised.”

That being said, there is another problem which is what happens if you lose the ring? Thankfully, it’s still a concept at the moment which means that we don’t know if Kaspersky is serious about making it a reality, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless.

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