For Nintendo Switch gamers looking to charge their console, as far as official methods are concerned, you only have the dock. However the dock isn’t as useful because what if you wanted to play using the console’s screen instead of your TV? That’s where third-party accessories come in, but not anymore.


Nintendo has recently announced the launch of their latest official Switch accessory in the form of a charging stand. As you can see in the photo above, this charging stand differs from the default dock as it not only does it charge the console, but it also props it up at an angle to let gamers see the screen.

This might be useful in situations where the TV cannot be used and you want to play the Switch and keep it charged at the same time. Alternatively the angled display also means that if you just want to kick back and watch some Hulu on your console, then this will also help users do that.

The best part is that the accessory is relatively inexpensive at $20 and is expected to be made available come 13th of July, so do keep an eye out for it if official accessories are something you prefer.

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