There are some phones out there that have the ability to display information on the screen at all times, even when it is locked. This helps keep users informed if they might have an email or message that needs attending, or if it is something they can tend to later without having to reach for their phone or turn it on.

This was one of the features of the OnePlus 6, at least at launch, but unfortunately it seems that for some reason the company has since removed it. According to users, following a recent update to the handset, it appears that OnePlus 6 has removed the option for users to choose between an always-on ambient display or a lift up display mode.

Instead users are only left with the latter option which involves picking up the phone to turn the screen on (without having to press any buttons). It is unclear as to why OnePlus might have removed the feature, but some speculation on the forums has suggested that the feature was a massive battery drain, while others suggested that it might have been a feature that was being tested and has now been removed concluding the test.

Either way OnePlus has yet to officially comment on it, but until then we guess OnePlus 6 users won’t have that feature.

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