Earlier this year the folks at Bandai Namco announced that Taiko Drum Master would be launching on the Nintendo Switch. For those unfamiliar, Taiko Drum Master is a rhythmic game where players will attempt to follow the beat of the drum. The game is a pretty popular arcade game even today and has launched on multiple platforms.


This is why its launch on the Switch doesn’t come as a surprise, plus given that the Joy-Cons can double up as controllers for virtual drumsticks, the game launching on the Switch actually makes a lot of sense. Now for those who are looking forward to buying the game on the Switch, a release date has been confirmed for the 19th of July where it will be available in Japan.

Unfortunately Bandai Namco does not mention if there are plans to launch a localized version for other markets, which means that for now it will be entirely in Japanese. However thankfully given that the Nintendo Switch does not have region locking, it means that gamers could technically make an account on the Japanese Switch eShop and purchase the game.

However like we said it is not localized which means that you’ll need to figure out the menus and captions by yourself, but if you’re up for that then mark the 19th of July down on your calendar.

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