If the reports are to be believed, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is only expected to arrive in 2020 at the earliest. This means that if you’re hoping to see it this year or even next year, prepare to be disappointed. However it seems that production on some of the components for the PS5 could already have begun and might be ramping up.

This is according to a report from AnandTech who reports that TSMC will be kicking off production of chips using the 7nm process. This process is said to be used to manufacture a variety of components such as CPUs, GPUs, neural network processors, and more, which has led to some to speculate that this could somehow involve Sony and its PS5 console.

While it is more than likely that Sony would be using the latest technology to develop its next-gen console, we’re not sure if what TSMC has to offer now will be used 2-3 years later when presumably there will be newer, more powerful, and more efficient technology available then.

In any case this is speculation for now so take it with a grain of salt, but like we said multiple reports have pointed to a 2020 launch at the earliest and given that there are still quite a few triple-A titles in the works for the PS4 and PS4 Pro, we doubt that it would be replaced so soon.

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