When it comes to Uber rides, if you want to rate and tip your driver, this feature is usually reserved at the end of the journey which makes a lot of sense. However Uber has recently announced some changes to the way rating and tipping works, where they will now let riders rate and/or tip their drivers during the trip itself.

According to Uber, “But when you have feedback to share, you shouldn’t have to wait to share it with us. You’ve got places to go and things to do, and we never want to miss an opportunity to listen and improve. That’s why we’re introducing the ability to rate, compliment, tip, and share feedback during your ride — and doing more with the feedback you share with us.”

This could be useful because some users might forget to rate or tip their drivers once they are out of the car. It can also come in handy in situations where you have a bad driver and you’re looking for a way to provide feedback on the spot. Uber also states that with the feedback, they’ll use it to help analyze issues like navigation and pickup spots, all in the name of improving its services for the future.

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