Save for platforms like Netflix and Hulu, YouTube is more or less the de facto platform when it comes to watching videos online. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that YouTube has recently revealed that they get about 1.8 billion logged-in viewers on a monthly basis.


It should be noted that this is for logged-in viewers, meaning that users who are actively signed into their YouTube accounts when watching videos. This means that the number of actual viewers could be considerably higher when you take into account those who are watching who aren’t logged in.

To that end, YouTube has also announced their plans for new originals that they plan to launch. “We’re using the global reach of YouTube to shine a light on the human stories that inspire us, make us smarter and demonstrate the potential of what we can achieve.” These originals include Will Smith: The Jump Off, Priyanka Chopra: If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, Jack Whitehall: Training Days, and Best Shot.

They will also be bringing back previous originals for a second season such as the Untitled Demi Lovato Project, The Super Slow Show Season 2, and The Super Slow Show Season 2.

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