YouTube has done a fantastic job in recommending videos. For some reason it has become harder to watch only just one video because as soon you load up that video, you will see more videos on the side that might catch your attention, and after this it is pretty much a long and dark tunnel that you might never emerge from.


YouTube is well aware of its users binge-watching and as part of Google’s new Digital Wellbeing initiative, YouTube has come up with several ways to try and encourage users to take a break. For example one of those changes is more customization when it comes to silencing notifications, where users have more control over when notifications from YouTube are silenced instead of just the regular 10pm-8pm settings.

Another option comes in the form of a scheduled digest, where instead of receiving notifications one by one, users can opt to have all notifications sent at once at a specific time. This means that if you know you’re going to be busy at school or work, you can opt to be notified at the end of the day, as opposed throughout the day.

Last but not least there will also be an option for users to set reminders for themselves to take a break. Users have the option of setting reminders to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 minutes. These reminders will automatically pause videos when they appear. So if you’re someone who finds themselves easily distracted by YouTube, then perhaps this might come in handy.

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