Super Cruise is what Cadillac calls its advanced driver assist system and many compared it to Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system. Super Cruise enables drivers to take their hands off the wheel when they’re driving on divided highways as it can keep the car in its lane using cameras, sensors, LIDAR, and mapping data. However, the system relies on an infrared camera on the steering column to ensure that drivers never take their eyes off the road even when they’re not holding the wheel. Cadillac has now confirmed that this system will be available in all of its cars starting in 2020.

The company introduced this feature with the Cadillac CT6 last year and hasn’t really been widely rolled out across the car manufacturer’s lineup. It didn’t really say at that time if and when the system would be available in other Cadillac models.

It didn’t inspire confidence when the company unveiled its 2019 XT4 luxury SUV at the New York Auto Show several weeks ago that Super Cruise was not onboard. Cadillac has now set the record straight, confirming that it will be rolling out Super Cruise to all of its cars starting in 2020. The system will also be introduced to own GM-owned cars as well after that.

Cadillac hasn’t confirmed what the pricing is going to be on future models, CT6 buyers currently have to purchase a $3,100 driver assist package.

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