Cadillac decided to put its nascent car sharing service on hold back in November last year due to what some believed was lackluster response. The company appears to be willing to give it another go. Cadillac executives have revealed that the company will be bringing back its Book by Cadillac car sharing service but there will be a few changes.

Automotive News reports that Cadillac dealers will be more involved in the process this time around than they were before. The new subscription service will be called Book 2.0 and it will be quite similar to the original service. It had customers paying $500 upfront with a $1,800 monthly rental fee that included maintenance, insurance, and more.

Dealers were largely cut out from the service initially. The vehicles in the fleet were owned by Cadillac and it provided support to the customers on its own. This time around, the support function will be delegated to the almost 1,000 Cadillac dealers across the United States.

“We have some things to work out, but we think will be better all around — from a consumer point of view, from our point of view, from a dealer point of view,” said Cadillac president Steve Carlisle.

The Book 2.0 service is expected to launch by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

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