Google demonstrated a new feature at I/O in May this year called continued conversation which has been developed to make conversations with Google Assistant-powered devices like the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max more natural. The feature lets users follow-up a question they have asked Assistant with another action. Google has now started rolling out continued conversation for the aforementioned devices.

With continued conversation, users will be able to ask Assistant a question and then follow it up with another question, task or command without having to say the “OK, Google” hotword every single time.

For example, users can say “Ok Google, what’s the weather like today … remind me to pick up my medicines on the way to work.” They won’t need to say the hotword between the two commands. It may seem like a minor change but it will go a long way in making conversations with Google Assistant feel more natural and seamless.

The continued conversation feature is only being launched for users in the United States right now. The way it works is by keeping Assistant active after the first command. Assistant stays active for eight seconds during which the LEDs remain illuminated to inform the user that Assistant is listening. If no speech is detected, Assistant will go back to its inactive state until it’s summoned again with the hotword.

Users will have to enable this feature through the Google Assistant app. They will find it in the Settings > Preferences menu.

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