With the success of The Elder Scrolls V, many are curious as to what Bethesda could be bringing to the table next, which would naturally be The Elder Scrolls VI. However over the years Bethesda has attempted to playdown the expectations and anticipation of gamers, but at E3 2018, that has all changed.

Bethesda has since officially announced the next installment in the franchise with The Elder Scrolls VI. Details are next to nothing at this point in time, but the official announcement trailer pretty much confirms that it is in the works. Bethesda has stated that it is currently in pre-production which means that it could be quite a while before we see it.

No word on when that might be, but expecting to see it launched this year or even next year would be a stretch. However we suppose the upside is that at the very least we know that they are working on it, so it’s only a matter of “when”. It is also unclear if the announcement trailer above could be any indication of what the game could look like, so try not to get your hopes up just yet, although we imagine that it is probably a bit difficult not to.

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