When Bethesda first teased Fallout 76, details were scarce. This led to some speculation as to what the game could be, which according to a Kotaku report suggested that it might be an online survival style RPG. For those wondering about it, wonder no more as Bethesda has since revealed more details about the upcoming game.

It should be pointed out that it appears that the rumors were right about it being an online game focusing on multiplayer. The game will let players group together with other players in an online world where they will attempt to survive the fallout. As per Bethesda’s earlier reveal, Fallout 76 will be set as a prequel to the Fallout franchise, meaning that players will get to play right from the start.

Bethesda also reveals that the game will be set in West Virginia and will feature the use of new graphics, lighting, and landscape technology. If you thought Fallout 4 looked good, then Fallout 76 should impress based on the screenshots we’re seeing. There will also be new features such as the Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform.

This lets players create shelter for themselves, house their supplies, and keep themselves safe. It will also let players set up shop so that they can trade with other survivors a.k.a other players. Fallout 76 is currently set for a release on the 14th of November, 2018 and players who pre-order the game will be given access to the beta.

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