With mail apps on mobile, usually there are a set of fixed gestures when it comes to interacting with emails. For example swiping to the left would delete an email, while swiping to the right would. However the good news for Gmail users on mobile is that in the latest update to the app, Google is finally allowing users to create customizable swipes.

As you can see in the screenshot above, users now have the option of changing what those swipes mean. For the most part you can’t add a new action that didn’t exist before, meaning that users will have to choose between actions such as Archive, Delete, Mark as read/unread, Move to, Snooze, or None.

However we suppose this could still come in handy for users who might be left/right handed and might prefer to use the left/right swipes for different actions than what’s being offered in the default settings. These customizable swipes were initially spotted in an APK teardown of an older build of Gmail which meant that Google was already working on the feature which we guess is finally here.

These customizations can be found in Gmail version 8.5.20 for Android. No word on whether iOS users have the same features enabled for them yet.

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