Google is improving the multitasking capability of Google Home and has enabled the device to help users get more done in less time. The company confirmed today that Google Home is now capable of performing up to three queries at a time. The company previously upgraded the Assistant-powered Google Home in December to handle up to two queries at the same time.

What handling up to three queries at the same time means is that users will now be able to ask Assistant to get more done for them in a single sentence.

For example, they can say “Hey Google, show me the weather forecast, set a timer for five minutes, and play music on Spotify” and Assistant will do all of those tasks for them without having to make them give an individual command for each task. The tasks that are chained together will be executed one after the other in the manner that they have been chained together.

The ability to chain three commands is now rolling out to Google Home users across the United States though it may be a while before it goes live for all users. It’s a small change but it should make it feel more natural for users to interact with the smart assistant.

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