Earlier today a report from The Wall Street Journal revealed that Instagram had plans to allow users to upload long-form videos up to an hour long. This would no doubt change the way Instagram is being used, although we did highlight some concerns about it, namely how there aren’t any dedicated video control options in Instagram now, and more importantly how would it fit into Instagram’s feed.

According to a new report from TechCrunch, more details about Instagram’s video plans have been revealed. Apparently what Instagram plans to do is create a new dedicated section specifically for long-form videos. This is expected to be the company’s version of Snapchat’s Discover, which we guess shouldn’t be too surprising since Instagram has been “borrowing” some Snapchat features for a while now.

The report goes on to add that these videos aren’t expected to be TV quality kind of videos, but will instead be more towards the kind of videos that you might expect from YouTube, which isn’t a bad thing actually. As expected Instagram is hoping to entice creators to upload onto its platform by letting them earn money from it, although exactly how remains to be seen.

As to when we might be able to look forward to this new video feature, TechCrunch claims that Instagram is eyeing a launch on the 20th of June, but apparently it is tentative which means that it could change. Either way we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for it.

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