It has only been a few weeks since the new Gmail design was officially confirmed by Google. The company first rolled it out for G Suite users, those who have paid company accounts, before bringing it to regular Gmail users as well. It has been gradually bringing the new design to more Gmail users across the globe but Google has now revealed plans to slowly phase out the old Gmail design for all users.

The company is now planning to move users over to the new Gmail design so that it can phase out the old design entirely. It’s going to start doing that next month but initially for G Suite users only. Those users who have a paid account from their company and organization will soon be shifted over to the new Gmail design.

It hasn’t confirmed when it’s going to start doing this for regular Gmail users but given how this new design was first announced for G Suite users and then for regular users, it’s only a matter of time before it starts doing this for them as well.

Google currently doesn’t mandate that users move over to the new design. Those who get it can opt-in to use it if they want or they can’t if their G Suite account administrator hasn’t enabled it. However, come July, administrators will have to give users in their organization the ability to opt-in if they want the new design.

It will then switch over all G Suite users to the new design by September this year but will offer the opt-out option for another month. Users will have no choice but to use the new design starting in October. Just how soon it does this for regular Gmail users remains to be seen.

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