Mechanical gaming keyboards for the most part used to rely on Cherry MX switches as their switch of choice. However in recent years we’ve started to see more companies turn to the use of their own switches, presumably to create a more unique experience and also to potentially cut cost.

Razer was one of those companies who started to use their own switches which were exclusive to their keyboards, or at least that was the case. However at Computex 2018, Razer has since announced that they will now be making their switches available to other keyboards. This means that other keyboard makers who want to incorporate the use of Razer’s switches will now be able to, although as Razer notes they will be available to “select partners” whom they’ve yet to name. The company also states that the switches will be made available to homebrew/DIY keyboard enthusiasts later in the year as well.

According to Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan, “Many keyboards on the market today claim to be made for gamers, but all of them use switches design for anything but gaming. Our switches, on the other hand, are designed specifically for gaming. We’re pumped that more partners are validating the advantage they offer and look forward to extending these benefits to even more gamers.”

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