Snapchat users will soon get access to a new feature that the company has announced today. The feature is called Clear Chats and as the name suggests, it will let them get rid of their messages even if they have been viewed or saved by the recipient. This will essentially enable Snapchat users to retract a message after they have sent it or just delete it to fix an issue like a typo before sending another one. This feature will be available for messages that users have sent in individual and group chats.


Snapchat has confirmed today that the Clear Chats feature will enable users to delete messages they have sent in individual and group chats even after they have been viewed or saved by the recipient.

Users who want to delete a message will first have to open the conversation where the particular message that they want to retract was sent. They can then long press on the message and tap on Delete. This also works for media sent in the conversation such as video, audio, stickers, etc. Once they tap on Delete, the message or media will be deleted and the recipient will be alerted that the particular message was deleted.

If the recipient or anyone in the group chat hasn’t viewed the message then that won’t be required. This feature won’t be able to delete screenshots that the recipient might have taken or if they simply took a photo of the device’s display using another smartphone so as always, it’s always best to exercise caution when sending sensitive stuff online.

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