In recent years we’ve seen Square Enix release “Go” versions of games based on their popular franchises. This has resulted in titles such as Lara Croft Go, Hitman Go, and Deus Ex Go, which are based on existing franchises but played in a slightly different manner. If you were hoping to see more “Go” titles from Square Enix, the bad news is that you won’t.


In a report from (via Polygon), Square Enix confirmed that they were done with the series. This was revealed by Square Enix Montreal’s head Patrick Naud who said, “It’s one of the challenges we have today is the premium mobile market is diminishing. You’ve got more and more high-quality free titles, so there are even fewer and fewer people inclined to try something that will not be free.”

He adds, “That doesn’t mean that they won’t spend in-game, but they want to spend on a game that they’re sure they’re going to like. The perception of choice makes it that even if it’s only $5, that’s too much.” Pricing has always been a contention when it comes to Square Enix’s mobile titles, where games such as its Final Fantasy series has always been priced considerably higher than the average.

However Square Enix had defended their decision back then, claiming that the prices can be justified as these were full games. In any case the company’s “Go” games are still available for download for those who are interested, but just don’t expect to see more in the future.

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