Sometimes when companies unveil their games in trailers, they might make the game look better than the actual release, which we guess in a way is like advertising where you try to make the product look the best it possibly can. Sometimes it is understandable as a game with insanely beautiful and high-res textures might be impossible to achieve for most gamers.

This is why the end result might be a game that doesn’t look as good as the trailer. During E3 2018, Sony and Naughty Dog showed off the gameplay trailer for the upcoming The Last of Us 2 and the reactions were largely positive. The game looked fantastic, but the question is will it look that way upon its release?

The good news for gamers is that yes it will. This is according to gameplay designer Emilia Schatz who spoke to JeuxVideo in an interview (see video above) where she was quoted as saying, “It is running on a PS4 Pro. There’s no plans to downgrade the game, no. That’s basically how we hope it will appear.”

However note her phrasing in which she said that they “hope” that this is how the actual game will turnout. Perhaps there could some changes for better or worse, but either way if you liked what you saw in the trailer then we guess the final game is something to look forward to. Naughty Dog has yet to officially announce a release date so maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet about seeing it released this year.

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