Google hasn’t confirmed as yet what the Android P name is going to be. It announced the next iteration of Android at its I/O 2018 conference in May and has since been releasing beta builds of the update. Android P is due to be released in a couple of months and we may only get to know what the Android P name is going to be. It appears that a Huawei support rep may have let the name of Google’s next major Android update slip.

It was initially reported by Bloomberg in February this year that Android P would be called Android Pistachio Ice Cream. We haven’t heard much about the topic since then and Google didn’t bring it up during the I/O 2018 announcement of Android P.

A support rep for Huawei in Poland appears to have let the final Android P name slip. The support rep was responding to a customer who wanted to know whether his P9 Lite mini would get the Oreo update. The reply that was provided to the customer mentioned all of the updates that would be released for that device and the list mentions Android Pistachio.

This is in line with the earlier report which suggested that the P in Android P might stand for Pistachio. It’s possible that Google may have decided against a long moniker such as Pistachio Ice Cream and settled on just Pistachio. Short and sweet.

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