It’s no secret that Apple doesn’t want its customers to fix their own devices. It’s impossible to repair its mobile devices and computers without special tools. The company has even released updates to disable features on iPhones that have been repaired with aftermarket parts. So it may not be thrilled to see that somehow 11 of its internal iPhone repair videos have been posted online.


Motherboard hears from sources that these are genuine internal Apple iPhone repair videos. There’s an Apple copyright on the videos and the host references Apple’s documentation and diagnostic tests multiple times. Apple’s proprietary repair tools are also used extensively in the video.

Arman Haji uploaded the videos on his YouTube channel. He told the scribe that he came across the videos on Twitter initially. He later uploaded them on YouTube when the account of the person who posted these videos on Twitter was suspended.

The videos walk us through the process of performing repairs on the iPhone X in detail. The videos also detail how one goes about replacing the battery inside an iPhone X. We get to see Apple’s suction cup tool as well which is used to disassemble the iPhone.

These repair videos are currently online on YouTube but there’s no saying how long they’ll remain up as Apple would likely have the taken offline from YouTube.

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